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North Falmouth Cheese Shop gourmet cheeses
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North Falmouth Cheese Shop in Falmouth
North Falmouth Cheese Shop gourmet cheeses
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why choose us

     The North Falmouth Cheese Shop is located at 402 North Falmouth Highway just south of the intersection of routes 28A and 151, and a building away from the Silver Lounge Restaurant.  Operated by Husband and wife team, Jen and Ken Dwyer, the shop offers domestic and imported cheeses, charcuterie, pate, olives, and more.  Many products are locally made.  For example breads from Maison Villatte, pies from Pies a la Mode Cafe, and Jams, Toffee, Honey, Chocolates and Coffees from Cape Cod.  Many local tradesmen have made our shop a must visit destination for fine food and fabulous cheese lovers visiting Cape Cod.

​A few words about us

Jennifer has created a shop where you can find the most delectable of imported and regional cheeses in the Falmouth area.  Farm fresh, small batch artisanal cheeses and cured meats from New England and around the US, as well as from France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, England, Switzerland, Argentina, and Ireland are the main attraction of the shop.  Interesting pates, olives, spreads, pastas, and more will keep you trying new things with every visit.

Jennifer aims to be the place where foodies shop for their own enjoyment and entertaining.  At the height of the summer The North Falmouth Cheese Shop will carry nearly 50 different cheeses.  Knowing that you can not live on cheese alone!  The shop also carries a wide range of crackers and spreads, to pasta and sauces , sweets, sodas, and coffees.  We also stock savory and sweet fruit pies by Pies a la Mode Cafe.


Jennifer can also prepare cheese plates for evening entertainment with friends or trips to the many local beaches for romantic sunsets.  Come in and sample a few of our spectacular gourmet delights, and allow us to share our knowledge and passion to help find something to please your palate.

Tuesday- Saturday       10:30 - 6:00